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A welcome drink by the ocean


SMT32 Conference attendees will enjoy a very maritime welcome

The identity of San Sebastian cannot be understood apart from its relationship to the sea. La Concha bay, with its island and the mountains closing either end, comprise one of the most beautiful and well-known landscapes of the Iberian peninsula’s northern coastline. The city unfolds around the beach, offering its inhabitants and its thousands of visitors flocking to see it an incomparable setting for work, leisure and daily life.

SMT32 thus wants the conference attendees to enjoy an authentic marine experience on their first day in the city. A programme has been prepared for the purpose that includes a boat tour of the bay and a guided tour of the renowned San Sebastian Aquarium, where they can enjoy an experience that combines a broad sample of the marine life of the planet with the Basque cultural history and tradition relating to the sea.

The experience will end with a welcome cocktail, to take place at the self-same Aquarium installations, providing conference attendees a chance to get better acquainted and establish ties with one other in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

We very much look forward to receiving you in San Sebastian and are already working towards your unbeatable experience with us.