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The Venue

32nd International Conference on Surface Modification Technologies takes place at the Gipuzkoa Science and Technology Park in San Sebastian


Gipuzkoa Science and Technology Park
Paseo Mikeletegi 53, Edificio Central
20009 Donostia – San Sebastian

The conference will be hosted in the Gipuzkoa Science and Technology Park audience of San Sebastian, located in Miramón area. Well-connected urban environment that has an area of 130 hectares, of which 65 are natural park.

How to get to the conference

Buses of the organization

BUS n.1

WEDNESDAY 27th june 2018

08:10 AM Plaza Gipuzkoa

08:18 AM Hotel Amara Plaza

Estimated arrival to Miramon: 08:25 AM

THURSDAY 28th june 2018

09:00 A.M.Plaza Gipuzkoa

09:08 A.M. Hotel Amara Plaza

Estimated arrival to Miramon: 09:15 A.M.

FRIDAY 29th june 2018

09:00 A.M. Plaza Gipuzkoa

09:08 A.M. Hotel Amara Plaza

Estimated arrival to Miramon: 09:15 A.M.

BUS n.2

WEDNESDAY 27th june 2018

08:10 A.M. Hotel Londres

08:18 AM Hotel Barceló Costa Vasca

Estimated arrival to Miramon: 08:25 AM

THURSDAY 28th june 2018

09:00 A.M. Hotel Londres

09:08 A.M. Hotel Barceló Costa Vasca

Estimated arrival to Miramon: 09:15 A.M.

FRIDAY 29th june 2018

09:00 A.M. Hotel Londres

09:08 A.M. Hotel Barceló Costa Vasca

Estimated arrival to Miramon: 09:15 A.M.

DBUS Public service

Departures from Boulevard

06:37 A.M. 06:53 A.M.
07:01 A.M. 07:57 A.M.
08:03 A.M. 08:57 A.M.
09:03 A.M. 09:57 A.M.
10:03 A.M. 10:57 A.M.
11:03 A.M. 11:57 A.M.
12:03 P.M. 12:57 P.M.
13:03 P.M. 13:57 P.M.
14:03 P.M. 14:57 P.M.
15:03 P.M. 15:57 P.M.
16:03 P.M. 16:57 P.M.
17:03 P.M. 17:57 P.M.
18:03 P.M. 18:57 P.M.
19:03 P.M. 19:58 P.M.
20:05 P.M. 20:54 P.M.
21:00 P.M. 21:52 P.M.
22:00 P.M. 22:45 P.M.
23:00 P.M. 23:30 P.M.

Departures from Miramon

06:54 A.M. 07:58 A.M.
08:06 A.M. 08:58 A.M.
09:04 A.M. 09:58 A.M.
10:04 A.M. 10:58 A.M.
11:04 A.M. 11:58 A.M.
12:04 P.M. 12:58 P.M.
13:04 P.M. 13:58 P.M.
14:04 P.M. 14:58 P.M.
15:04 P.M. 15:58 P.M.
16:04 P.M. 16:58 P.M.
17:04 P.M. 17:58 P.M.
18:04 P.M. 18:58 P.M.
19:04 P.M. 19:55 P.M.
20:01 P.M. 20:55 P.M.
21:01 P.M. 21:56 P.M.
22:03 P.M. 22:50 P.M.

How to get to San Sebastian

By Plane

San Sebastian has 3 airports (2 international) within just over 100 km of the city.

Only 20 kilometers from the city centre, San Sebastian Airport has connections to the major Spanish cities; Madrid and Barcelona.

Bilbao Airport, with connections to all Europe, is 105km from the city, and Biarritz Airport, served by French and international low-cost companies, 47km.

By Car

Getting to San Sebastian by car is extremely easy. The city is connected to the rest of Spain and France by the N-1 (the national highway connecting Madrid to Irun), the AP-8 (Bilbao-Irun) and A-63 (Paris-Irun) motorways and the A-15 highway (Pamplona-San Sebastian).




  • Download the San Sebastian parking map | PDF (2 MB)

By Train


The company RENFE rail service offers both long-distance train and suburban.

The train station in the centre of San Sebastian, the "Estación del Norte", offers connections to numerous Spanish cities including Madrid and Barcelona, and to international destinations such as Paris and Lisbon.

Train journeys to and from San Sebastian will gain enormously in speed with the new Tren de Alta Velocidad (high speed train), due to connect the city with other destinations in the near future.


There is also an underground railway, the Metro Donostialdea, a narrow-gauge train connection with Bilbao and cities along the Basque Coast, such as Zarautz. The service linking it also Hendaye (France) and the SNCF, french rail service, with Lasarte passing through Donostia. The train is popularly known as the "Topo" or "Mole".


The French company SNCF connects with world capitals such as Paris from Hendaye train station.

By Bus


The San Sebastian new bus station has lines to cities throughout Spain and part of Europe.

The bus station “Estación DONOSTIA Geltokia”, is situated in Paseo Federico García Lorca 1, near the RENFE train station – Estación del Norte. Contact.

The underground station has 21 bays, a café, newsstand and a left luggage office with 66 lockers where you can leave your belongings. It also has two floors of parking space for up to 384 vehicles.

Eight of the city’s Dbus routes will stop in the area around the station: the lines 17, 24, 37 and 45 in front of Renfe train station; 9, 41, 42 at Duque de Mandas street and 27 in María Cristina bridge.

Private cars that need to leave or take friends and relatives at the bus station can use the "Estación" underground parking 15 minutes for free.

The city of San Sebastian

San Sebastian is a city open to the sea and sheltered by mounts Igeldo, Urgull and Ulía.

The most recognisable city snapshot features the beaches of Ondarreta and the Concha, with Santa Clara Island nestling in the centre of the bay. The city’s third beach, the Zurriola, lying alongside and beyond the Kursaal Congress Centre, is famous worldwide for its excellent surfing.

San Sebastian is the administrative capital of Gipuzkoa, one of the three provinces making up the Basque Autonomous Community. It lies to the north-east of the Iberian Peninsula, ilometres from the border with France. The cross-border region running from San Sebastian to Bayonne represents an important hub of social, economic and tourist development in the south-west of the European Union (EU).

San Sebastian is a medium-sized city with almost 186,000 inhabitants. It is a tertiary, tourist city, eminently commercial, with strong emphasis on services and congresses. In recent years, San Sebastian has moved into the leading position among European cities, largely because of its commitment to science, technology, sustainable development and culture. Its designation as European Capital of Culture confirms this pledge.



Euro, the EU currency.


Basque and spanish.


Mild, with generally gentle temperatures, high humidity, frequent clouds and heavy rainfall throughout the year. The coldest month is usually January, with an average temperature of 7.9ºC and the hottest August, with an average of 20ºC.

More about the Venue

For information about the charming and thriving city of San Sebastian visit


Registration for the SMT32 Conference is closed.